Bubbalicious bubble gum doesn't exist anymore and white chocolate candy is taking over the world, and Valerie blames Trump. Regina is discombobulated, down and out, but couch and 5king it. When Valerie and Regina were 16, they were sneaking out past curfew (shhhhh, don't tell their parents) but these days teenagers are saving the world. At least that's what Maddy and Eleanor, two ambitious high school students are doing. They and their friends helped Texas Senator draft legislation to make it requirement that Texas students learn about human trafficking. Human trafficking is a big problem; 313,000 people in Texas are trafficked each year, and 79,000 of them are young people every year. It's a topic that isn't talked about much in the media and Maddy and Eleanor are working to bring this topic to light. We also find out how these two young women feel about feminism. This episode is sponsored by: capers, the salty snack that's perfect to eat when you're on an actual caper. 

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Reggie's leg is healing nicely since her fall into a hole. Valerie is taking a memoir writing class and everyone needs a new tub. We talk with Susan Schorn, a Karate double black belt, writer (Smile at Strangers), and self-defense instructor, about activism, communicating with assertion, nonviolent protest, and how she uses the martial arts to channel anger. Plus tips for dealing with street harassment and effective resistance. This episode sponsored by Breakroom Food, for when you'd rather eat a chocolate Santa wrapped in foil than question your life's choices, and from City of Exhausting t-shirts, tees with love hate relationship with the city of Austin. 

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Writer and funeral director Sarah Wambold makes her second visit to Help Wanted to discuss political activism. Sarah shares her experiences getting involved as a college student with marijuana legalization and how post-election her activist tendencies have increased times a million. She gives insight on protests, social media, canvassing and phone calls. Plus some tips on how to be an activist if you're an introvert or don't have a lot of energy.  Reggie and Valerie both want someone to teach them how to shoot weapons to prepare for the impending apocalypse. Sarah advises going out without your phone. And also, Valerie went to LA for ice cream, amazing pancakes, beaches and to witness a homeless guy humping the sidewalk. Plus AirBnB hidden cameras and Costco broccoli soup. This episode sponsored by Sharpies, the number one writing utensil for the resistance. 

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