Asking for Help

HW63: FINDING A THERAPIST w/Elizabeth Dossman

Valerie and Reggie talk with licensed therapist, Elizabeth Dossman LPC-S, about shopping for a therapist. We discuss questions to ask the therapists you're interested in, awkward first sessions, different types of practitioners, what therapists are really writing in their notes, how to "break up" with a therapist, how can get services even if you don't have money, equine and art therapy, and much more. Plus Regina shares her weird apartment therapist story, and Valerie reveals she has a hubcap bandit. This episode sponsored by Flatbreads, a tasteless menu item for when you want to make pizza great again, but it actually already is.

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Lauren Cohen, a therapist with Hope and Humor Therapy, tells us why vulnerability is so important for us to lead full and healthy lives. What is vulnerability? Probably anything that makes you feel "UGH, ICK, EEK" when revealing it. She gives advice for how to be more open in revealing our secret, squishy spots and how to be okay when someone is being vulnerable with us (the horror!). Also there's a difference between being vulnerable and emotionally barfing on someone. She also gives us tips for how to shut it down when someone is being too open with us: tell them "I feel weird for you." This episode is one you'll want to keep in your self-help back pocket. Plus, Reggie's feeling overwhelmed, Valerie has Austin Film Festival recommendations, and fall is kinda finally here! Sponsored by Autumn in Austin, a season of unnecessary scarves and covering with wool blankets despite it still be 80 degrees.

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