Krav Maga


Lauren Cohen, a therapist with Hope and Humor Therapy, tells us why vulnerability is so important for us to lead full and healthy lives. What is vulnerability? Probably anything that makes you feel "UGH, ICK, EEK" when revealing it. She gives advice for how to be more open in revealing our secret, squishy spots and how to be okay when someone is being vulnerable with us (the horror!). Also there's a difference between being vulnerable and emotionally barfing on someone. She also gives us tips for how to shut it down when someone is being too open with us: tell them "I feel weird for you." This episode is one you'll want to keep in your self-help back pocket. Plus, Reggie's feeling overwhelmed, Valerie has Austin Film Festival recommendations, and fall is kinda finally here! Sponsored by Autumn in Austin, a season of unnecessary scarves and covering with wool blankets despite it still be 80 degrees.

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Valerie and Reggie excel at procrastination. There are a million ways we procrastinate. We have tips on how to procrastinate less (remember the satisfaction you feel when you erase something from a whiteboard). Sometimes (sometimes) procrastination can even be good for you. If you get 7 things done while you're procrastinating one thing, well look how productive you are! Regina likes a red accent wall. Valerie likes a red lipstick. Plus Kim Kardashian's misfortune: real or another attempt to break the internet? Reggie's excited about Krav Maga and pole dancing, and Valerie finally, finally, finally has a floor and knows how to use an air compressor! This episode is sponsored by Standup Comic Standup Desks! 

How We Procrastinate
Why Procrastination is Good For You

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