Hispanic Heritage Month runs from the middle of September through the middle of October. Reggie and Valerie get to the bottom of why it exists and what Hispanic heritage is all about: fun facts about Cesar Chavez and the nuances between the terms Latino and Hispanics. Regina wants to be a pole dancer for a second and is not a fan of cilantro. Valerie is into dance regular but can't make a peach pie. Plus Regiie and Valerie recount awful foods they've eaten all in the name of codependent lovin. This episode sponsored by Home Warranty of America, the number one home warranty company of North Korean dictators, jihadists, people who fart in TSA lines, and the Kardashian family.

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When you make New Year's resolutions? Do they stick? Or are they forgotten the second week of January? What are your resolutions this year?

Regina vows to date herself and her city in 2016; she wants to re-fall in love with both. Valerie wishes she could commit to a morning routine like seven highly effective people on five different continents in 18 different time zones. Whatever you resolve this year, Help Wanted shares some tips from Amy Morin, a woman who knows how to make a goal stick.

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How will Valerie deal with her mom bringing all of the sugar from the upper Midwest to Austin for the holidays? Regina has tips on gift-giving, guilt-ridden gifts, and bow overcompensation. Wanna know how to have an effective breakdown around your family in the organic dairy section of the grocery store? Valerie's got the answers. If you'd rather learn about how to deal with family over the holidays sans breakdowns, we have tips from the much more qualified Therese Borchard.

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