Yay! As part of our launch we're releasing 2 episodes this week. We talk about the grossest-tasting, yet, best-working wellness vitamins, Instacart, parents, nightmare next door neighbors, and murder-rapists (mapists). How will Valerie deal with her mom bringing all of the sugar from the upper Midwest to Austin for the holidays? Regina has tips on gift-giving, guilt-ridden gifts, and bow overcompensation.

Less Stressful Holiday Gift Giving Tips

  1. Give something meaningful.
  2. Think beyond stuff (give the gift of time, e.g., a movie date).
  3. Cards.
  4. Just don't care!

Wanna know how to have an effective breakdown around your family in the organic dairy section of the grocery store? Valerie's got the answers. If you'd rather learn about how to deal with family over the holidays sans breakdowns, we have tips from the much more qualified Therese Borchard.

  1. Don't takes things personally.
  2. Be a friend to yourself.
  3. Anticipate arguments and have a plan.
  4. Embrace your inner toddler and carry a blankie. 
  5. Wait before speaking.

Last but not least, how helpful are gift cards and aromatherapy diffusers?