Grocery shopping is a drudgery, but why do we hate it so much and how can we hate it less? Pay more and go to a tiny store, get em delivered, go during an off time (late at night when the parking lot knifers are out), and get to know your market managers! Plus Puffins, eggplants, Costco, sample guilt, and we debunk the myths of Trader Joe's. Regina is drinking a lot of water, and Valerie is on hold with Home Warranty of America. This episode is sponsored by Which Bill, the app that helps you answer the question: Is that Bill Pullman? Or Bill Paxton?

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Perhaps the best diet of all involves letting go of diet mentality altogether. Sounds scary right?Reggie read the book Intuitive Eating and gives us the skinny on how to be cool with your body no matter what it looks like, plus tips for eliminating restrictive eating, making peace with food, and insights on nutritionists.  Help Wanted loves Billy Eichner; weekends are for no bras; the Food Network is everyone's favorite; and Valerie cleans her bathroom naked. This episode sponsored by BoxBox, the subscription service that delivers a box full of boxes direct to your door each month.

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Urban farmer Christine Giordano joins Help Wanted to talk backyard poultry: hens, ducks, and roosters and how she became an owner of menagerie. Why are chicken eggs different colors? Are chickens vegetarians or meat eaters? Do ducks have feelings? Plus Valerie and Regina check in about Orlando, alligator attacks, and the I-35 rock thrower, and their related anxiety. For more on all things urban farming, chickens, ducks, and more, check out Christine's blog Camp Farm.

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