intuitive eating


Perhaps the best diet of all involves letting go of diet mentality altogether. Sounds scary right?Reggie read the book Intuitive Eating and gives us the skinny on how to be cool with your body no matter what it looks like, plus tips for eliminating restrictive eating, making peace with food, and insights on nutritionists.  Help Wanted loves Billy Eichner; weekends are for no bras; the Food Network is everyone's favorite; and Valerie cleans her bathroom naked. This episode sponsored by BoxBox, the subscription service that delivers a box full of boxes direct to your door each month.

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The heat is getting to everyone, so Help Wanted tackles complaining in this episode. Really though we just want an excuse to whine about our own pet peeves and get some annoyances about TWC off our chests (much like a breast reduction surgery). Complaining excessively could increase stress and lead to a bunch of health problems. But also, complaining constructively could alleviate stress. Circle of life! Tomato, tomahto. Regina hates the word "adulting" and "hivemind." Valerie complains about "squad goals" and queso misunderstandings. Plus, DNC convention, Valerie's trip to Bismarck and her dream of opening a vintage shop, kuchen, and Regina tries intuitive eating. This episode's sponsor: Napcakes, pancake pillows to help you sleep! Brought to you by the makers of Sleepytime Turkey Turnover Nightsnacks. Stop tossing and turning with a Sleepytime Turkey Turnover. Flaky, delicious and filled with Tryptophan, Sleepytime Turkey Turnovers are a good bet for a good night’s rest. Brought to you by Napcakes!

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