Bubbalicious bubble gum doesn't exist anymore and white chocolate candy is taking over the world, and Valerie blames Trump. Regina is discombobulated, down and out, but couch and 5king it. When Valerie and Regina were 16, they were sneaking out past curfew (shhhhh, don't tell their parents) but these days teenagers are saving the world. At least that's what Maddy and Eleanor, two ambitious high school students are doing. They and their friends helped Texas Senator draft legislation to make it requirement that Texas students learn about human trafficking. Human trafficking is a big problem; 313,000 people in Texas are trafficked each year, and 79,000 of them are young people every year. It's a topic that isn't talked about much in the media and Maddy and Eleanor are working to bring this topic to light. We also find out how these two young women feel about feminism. This episode is sponsored by: capers, the salty snack that's perfect to eat when you're on an actual caper. 

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Valerie is riled up about Texas' latest abomination against women: the fetal tissue burial law. Regina's going to PF Chang's. Amy Winters, a Krav Maga instructor and the host of the podcast First-Person Fighter, joins us and shares how learning the Israeli self defense boosted her confidence, improved her relationships, and changed her life. She shares her journey from taking a class on a whim to now teaching combatives and self defenses to newbies. Find out how men and women approach classes differently, whether or not mace is helpful, and if steaks actually help swelling. Sponsored by Celebrity White Supremacist, tune in each week to see which celebrity pulls off a white cloak better: Tila Tequila or Stephen Baldwin. 

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Asking for help is hard, but avoiding it could cause catastrophes such as going bankrupt or having to wear that dress forever because you can't reach the zipper. Help Wanted has advice for how to ask for help successfully (be straightforward, flatter people, ask the right people for the job at hand). Never ask ex-boyfriends for help with anything or stay with boyfriends who don't help you. Avoid asking your family for anything! Regina likes tiny things. Valerie read the Hunger Games a million years after everyone else.

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A bunch of us have the feeling we're not qualified to be doing what we do. If you're a perfectionist, have a hard time asking for help, attribute your successes solely to luck, and can't take a compliment, you might suffer from imposter syndrome. Lots of people have this insecurity, including famous accomplishers Michelle Pfeiffer, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, and Cheryl Sandberg. Some causes for feeling like a fraud include feeling pressure to achieve and being a minority member of a group. Solutions include: validating yourself by making a list of your assets and accomplishments, surrounding yourself with supporters, and realizing even Emma Watson and Michelle Pfeiffer feels this way. Regina sometimes feels like listening to Metallica, and she's no longer apologizing for it. Valerie worries she should have gotten stitches when she cut herself while slicing avocados, and she really hopes she never receives one of those suction basketball hoops with the spongy nerf balls.

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How do you find a life coach? Why would you hire a life coach? What does a life coach do? Valerie and Regina get the skinny on coaching from Vasavi Kumar, a business coach, who among other accomplishments, has appeared on Basketball Wives to help with anger management. Vasavi talks about the word "coaching," a bit about how she works with clients, and her own mentors. Tony Robbins is mentioned a lot.

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Do you take risks in your life? Or are you too afraid?

We visit with Britney Salyer, a risk taker, who spent 3 years Eat-Pray-Loving in SE Asia, a land of helmet-less motorbiking toddlers and breakfast-for-dinner eaters. In short, a land of risk takers. Britney tells us about hostile hostels and nearly dying in Phnom Penh. Valerie mispronounces Phuket, and we learn Regina watches a lot of TV. Plus a risk-taking quiz listeners can take along with us to determine if they have the balls to bungee jump through life or if they'd rather read a book while staying at a resort of nerdy introverts.

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