It's been a few weeks since resolution fireworks, which means many of us are self-flagellating because of the promises we broke to ourselves. We talk about perfectionism, how it relates to body image, and how it correlates with suicide. While we think of perfectionism as this annoying trait, it can also be dangerous. We have tips to be more gentle. Plus the impossible pronunciation of the name Nevaeh and jail cakes. This episode sponsored by moms who warn us about romaine lettuce. 

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A bunch of us have the feeling we're not qualified to be doing what we do. If you're a perfectionist, have a hard time asking for help, attribute your successes solely to luck, and can't take a compliment, you might suffer from imposter syndrome. Lots of people have this insecurity, including famous accomplishers Michelle Pfeiffer, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, and Cheryl Sandberg. Some causes for feeling like a fraud include feeling pressure to achieve and being a minority member of a group. Solutions include: validating yourself by making a list of your assets and accomplishments, surrounding yourself with supporters, and realizing even Emma Watson and Michelle Pfeiffer feels this way. Regina sometimes feels like listening to Metallica, and she's no longer apologizing for it. Valerie worries she should have gotten stitches when she cut herself while slicing avocados, and she really hopes she never receives one of those suction basketball hoops with the spongy nerf balls.

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