Performer, comedy writer, and Bridal Extravaganza-crasher Joseph Tran joins Help Wanted to tell us how best to engage in controversy over social media and how to shut down a fight. We chat about fake news, why people are so much more apt to get a tiff over Facebook, and Kanye West (note this episode was recorded before he met w/Trump). Plus who's got the better chicken: Raising Cane's or Chick Fil A (and is it okay to eat there?) This episode sponsored by Forever Young Face Cream, specially formulated with the semen of John Stamos. 

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There are big ways to self-sabotage, and a lot of subtle ways we do it every day: not making decisions because we feel like we have too many options, procrastinating, quitting goals when they get tough, are a few. We have tips to recognize when you're self-sabotaging so you have a better chance at stopping. Plus, the best peanut butter cup is the Reese's Easter version, duct tape fixes everything, and sinuses are scary.

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The heat is getting to everyone, so Help Wanted tackles complaining in this episode. Really though we just want an excuse to whine about our own pet peeves and get some annoyances about TWC off our chests (much like a breast reduction surgery). Complaining excessively could increase stress and lead to a bunch of health problems. But also, complaining constructively could alleviate stress. Circle of life! Tomato, tomahto. Regina hates the word "adulting" and "hivemind." Valerie complains about "squad goals" and queso misunderstandings. Plus, DNC convention, Valerie's trip to Bismarck and her dream of opening a vintage shop, kuchen, and Regina tries intuitive eating. This episode's sponsor: Napcakes, pancake pillows to help you sleep! Brought to you by the makers of Sleepytime Turkey Turnover Nightsnacks. Stop tossing and turning with a Sleepytime Turkey Turnover. Flaky, delicious and filled with Tryptophan, Sleepytime Turkey Turnovers are a good bet for a good night’s rest. Brought to you by Napcakes!

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Radio host, comedy performer, dancer, and blogger Carissa McAtee (aka Carissa Jade/Jaded), joins Regina and Valerie to talk openly about body image issues and her experiences with disordered eating. She talks about being preoccupied with her own body image starting from a young age as a dancer, describes how eating disorders became a bonding activity between her friends, and shares about her weight fluctuation through the years, nearly making it on Biggest Loser, and what therapies worked for her to feel healthy about her own body (such as dialetical behaviorial therapy and radical acceptance).

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Comparing yourself to other people has never been easier now that Becky cn post all day long about her good hair on social media. Even the healthiest people are apt to compare themselves when we're constantly viewing feeds of successes. But life's not a race or a competition or what have you. Regina has tips for avoiding comparisons and tells us all about her new phone and the Best Buy metalhead who sold it to her. Valerie shares about procrastinating and a bad psychic who farts a lot. Plus, Keanu, and a short synopsis of the movie Single White Female.

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Judgement: what is it good for and where does it come from? Valerie thinks judgement helps us approach life. It's easier to cut things out or include things if we can form a judgement around them. Regina thinks it comes from her grandma. 

Maybe we're judgy because back in the day, cave people had to use judgement to compartmentalize which berries were poisonous and which were delicious. Everything comes back to the cave people, which explains the popularity of the paleo diet. 

Basically we're all judgmental assholes if we're in a bad mood, but if we're happy, we're pretty chill with everyone and everything. Being judgmental can sometimes be a blast (gossiping with pals) and can sometimes be exhausting (when a person is judgmental all the time). What's the difference between judgement and discernment? Regina and Valerie discuss and learn about the term viveka, a Sanskrit term for taking an objective approach, which even though it's more difficult than straight up judgement, leads to a fuller life. 

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