It seems weird that this the first time we're talking about gratitude on Help Wanted, when Oprah talks about it all the time. We discuss finding gratitude even in difficult times and share some tips with how you can cultivate a gratitude practice in daily life, besides just writing 3 or 5 things down in a journal. This episode is sponsored by Matcha Tea, I mean Mate Tea,  I mean Matcha...? What's the difference between these teas?

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Tom Booker was once married to a meth addict and did a commercial with Melania Trump. He knows bad times. Yet in spite of that, he's a pretty positive person. He joins Help wanted to talk about staying positive even when things suck. The comedian, theater owner, name dropper, and president of Austin also discloses his morning meditation routine, the motives behind his positive social media posts, a story of being invited to perform in a pornographic movie, and his collection of parked domains. Valerie booked a trip to Copenhagen, and Regina's going to Vegas. Sponsored by avocado tattoos. 

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