Feminist filmmaker Juani Begood joins Help Wanted to chat about rape culture. What is it and how pervasive is it? We chat about how women minimize their own rape experiences, how partners can be supportive, and why talking about sexual assault is so important. This is perhaps the most overshare-y episode of Help Wanted to date. Lots of talk of unwanted jacking off and compulsive VHS masturbators. The world is divided into 2 kinds of people: those who have tonsils and those who don't. Plus Valerie is sad post-surgery, keeps visiting an orange tabby kitten at the shelter but can't commit to adoption, and would get her bathroom remodeled if she had one million cajillion dollars. Reggie's jotting down her gratitude and wants to have neighborhood cul de sac parties. View Juani Begood's work at

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Is choosing a childless life selfish? How are we supposed to deal with shame or societal pressures? And do men feel pressure to have kids too? Valerie and Reggie talk about the reasons people choose to not have children with another childless soul: Justin Dehn. Plus Reggie celebrated her birthday by watching the sexual assault documentary Audrey and Daisy. After months of asking strangers about whether or not she should, Valerie finally cut bangs. This episode sponsored by Faux Kids, the monthly subscription service that transforms single, childless professionals into parents, but only while they're at work. For just $9 a month, Faux Kids will equip you with all the props necessary to fake out your coworkers and convince them you have children.

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Turning someone down when they ask you out on a date IRL is mega hard. Valerie and Regina talk strategies about how to decline a date, even when you're caught off guard. Honesty is the best policy, but also it's good to have some quasi truths in your back pocket. Saying "I have plans" works nearly all the time. We all have plans, even if our plans are to do nothing. "No thank you" is an appropriate response but yet terrifying to put into practice. Learning to reject people is important. Far too many people go out with people and end up in relationships because they're being nice! This only leads to tragedy , like the movie Irreconcilable Differences, starring Ryan O'Neal, maybe?

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