Uninspired by her job and wanting to experience living abroad, Barbara Beeson joined the Peace Corps and taught math in the Namibian desert during her late twenties. She tells Help Wanted about the bustling bar scene in Namibia, brown bread (apartheid bread?), hitchhiking, and the cultural shifts she experienced in leaving and returning to the U.S. Also, it's not as hard as one would imagine to find tampons in Sub-Saharan Africa. This episode sponsored by No Man Is An Island Thousand Island Dressing. 

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Returning home from a trip can be an adjustment, and it's normal to feel out of sorts. Frustration with your current life and boredom could be the cause for post-travel depression. Vacations can shake us out of our routine and prepare us to take a look at whether or not we want to make changes in our lives. If you're always returning from a trip depressed, take a look at your life and see what you can do to make it more fulfilling. Find gratitude in your travels and appreciate them for what they are: valid and important moments of your life. Also, RIP John McLaughlin, Valerie worked at an adult video store a million years ago and hates gorgonzola cheese. Reggie is a fan of scary books, gyros, and a sharp cheddar. This episode sponsored by Sally Sam's Juniper Jam, the perfect gift for people you'd rather not give anything to.

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The heat is getting to everyone, so Help Wanted tackles complaining in this episode. Really though we just want an excuse to whine about our own pet peeves and get some annoyances about TWC off our chests (much like a breast reduction surgery). Complaining excessively could increase stress and lead to a bunch of health problems. But also, complaining constructively could alleviate stress. Circle of life! Tomato, tomahto. Regina hates the word "adulting" and "hivemind." Valerie complains about "squad goals" and queso misunderstandings. Plus, DNC convention, Valerie's trip to Bismarck and her dream of opening a vintage shop, kuchen, and Regina tries intuitive eating. This episode's sponsor: Napcakes, pancake pillows to help you sleep! Brought to you by the makers of Sleepytime Turkey Turnover Nightsnacks. Stop tossing and turning with a Sleepytime Turkey Turnover. Flaky, delicious and filled with Tryptophan, Sleepytime Turkey Turnovers are a good bet for a good night’s rest. Brought to you by Napcakes!

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Folding or rolling? Reggie and Valerie talk best practices for suitcase packing, security line bias, and wearing compression stockings folders to combat long-flight deep vein thrombosis. Reggie won't use a coffee machine in a hotel room and loves Clorox wipes. Valerie loves taking a multipurpose scarf with her on a plane and offers this best packing hack: just don't bring so much shit. This episode sponsored by Green Crockpot: soggy processed meals delivered straight to your door for people who don't have time to taste.

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Do you take risks in your life? Or are you too afraid?

We visit with Britney Salyer, a risk taker, who spent 3 years Eat-Pray-Loving in SE Asia, a land of helmet-less motorbiking toddlers and breakfast-for-dinner eaters. In short, a land of risk takers. Britney tells us about hostile hostels and nearly dying in Phnom Penh. Valerie mispronounces Phuket, and we learn Regina watches a lot of TV. Plus a risk-taking quiz listeners can take along with us to determine if they have the balls to bungee jump through life or if they'd rather read a book while staying at a resort of nerdy introverts.

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