Do you take risks in your life? Or are you too afraid?

We visit with Britney Salyer, a risk taker, who spent 3 years Eat-Pray-Loving in SE Asia, a land of helmet-less motorbiking toddlers and breakfast-for-dinner eaters. In short, a land of risk takers. Britney tells us about hostile hostels and nearly dying in Phnom Penh. Valerie mispronounces Phuket, and we learn Regina watches a lot of TV. Plus a risk-taking quiz listeners can take along with us to determine if they have the balls to bungee jump through life or if they'd rather read a book while staying at a resort of nerdy introverts.

We also get some tips on practicing risk taking from Margie Warrell, author of Brave and Stop Playing It Safe:
1. Acknowledging Your Fear.

2. Taming Your Fear.

3. Harnessing the Power of Your Fear.