Help Wanted talks with comedic performer and all-around fun person Amanda Smith about the law of attraction and Abraham Hicks, aka, Esther Hicks, a guru type who taps into source energy that we can all also tap into if we want to manifest our dreams. Amanda shares a story about going to a hippie retreat in California introduced her to positive thinking, which ultimately ledd her to make a move to Austin, and an eerie thing that happened after her move. Plus oh my! Reggie fell into a hole, (kind of, just her leg), saw bone, and had to celebrate President's Day in the ER, instead of buying a mattress. Valerie can't count in Spanish past 12, or actually 11 if she's being truthful. This episode sponsored by DIY IUDs; you can make an IUD out of plenty of household items: old receipts, a chopstick from Panda Express, or a wad of old twist ties from that drawer in your kitchen with the batteries and melted gum.