Rage attacks are on the rise, post-election. Did you know that in the 2 hours following a fit of rage, you're more likely to have a heart attack. We talk about how breathing exercises, meditation, and being around others can help us tame our inner rage and learn that the cause for being prone to rage is sometimes due to brain injuries. Reggie might have a leg infection and Valerie feels like she can't breathe, either from Austin's vile allergies or from walking pneumonia. Valerie doesn't feel malaise or laissez-faire or nicoise. Plus gorilla families, grocery budgets, cast iron skillets, and brussels sprouts. This episode sponsored by Episodes of Nova You DVR But Never Watch, because in this political climate watching PBS documentaries on climate change is just TOO much.

5 Science-Based Ways to Break the Cycle of Rage Attacks
When Rage Explodes, Brain Damage May Be the Cause