Maureen Brown and her husband, Marc, tried to conceive for a couple of years before receiving help from a fertility specialist, ultimately procreating a smart and beautiful little girl. In their struggle to conceive on their own, however, they discovered they could offer something to other people struggling with the same thing. They saw a need for an at-home pregnancy syringe, a syringe specifically purposed for at-home artificial insemination. While the turkey baster method has been around for some time (probably since the Pilgrims?), there were no products on the market specifically designed for vaginal insertion, and none that imitated what a penis actually does. The couple did some research, consulted with people in the know, and ultimately designed and co-invented a pregnancy syringe, called the Mosie Baby Syringe, which is now available for anyone who wants to conceive. In fact they used it themselves to conceive their second child. For more information on this device that helps get sperm where it needs to be for the purposes of procreation, visit This episode sponsored by Kerfuffles, the potato chips you'll fight over.