Ryan Gamble


Ryan Gamble joins Help Wanted once again, this time to chat about meditation in the Buddhist-style. We all know meditation is good for you, and Ryan let's us know the benefits she's noticed in her own life. Her gray matter is off the hook. Valerie pipes in a bunch to remind people that anything can be meditation: washing dishes, watching makeup tutorials, et al. Both Reggie and Valerie could for some tiny, little riblets. SPOILER: Applebee's no longer sells them and that's why millennials are pissed. Sponsored by Chipotle and the People Who Lick Their Fingers When Trying to Separate Sheets of Paper. 

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Help Wanted talks with renaissance woman and experienced volunteer about her different volunteering experiences, picking organizations and activities that fit, questions to ask yourself before you start volunteering, avoiding compassion fatigue, and meeting men in the produce section of the grocery store. Ryan has been involved with the community for years: teaching English as a second language, building houses with Habitat for Humanity, handing out mail at a homeless shelter, reading for the blind, and more. Regina celebrates her home-a-versary, Valerie tells an incredibly long story about stealing a chair from a volunteer. Plus, a dissection of the Blue Man Group, Pepto Bismal fandom, and being done with America. This episode is sponsored by Getting Dragged Away (a not uncommon thing that happens if you live in the USA). 

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