We chat with comedian and reader Angie Yaeyama about the book Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love by Amir Levine. Angie shares how reading it helped her recognize her attachment style (three to choose from: anxious, avoidant, and secure), and how that can change depending on what attachment style the person she's in a relationship exhibits. Plus Valerie's unsure if she should go on a third date and Reggie hung out with her nephew's nephew. Angie runs a book club in Austin for female-identifying folks called Empathy for the Win - bookclub. Interested people can join on Facebook. Sponsored by that Cute Chick Who's Banging Your Ex and Posting Photos of their Smug Happy Ass Faces on Facebook. 

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Valerie and Reggie answer listener questions about Tinder and the online dating rat race: managing expectations when someone isn't into you, attracting people with snappy openers, and parting ways without being a ghosting asshole. If you're feeling bummed about dating, do things that make you feel good: hang out at your independent book seller, buy lipstick, or books about lipstick, go to Six Flags, and get back in the game. If you want to introduce yourself with a match, never ask how they're doing. We have evolved past cordial nonversation and need to be more attention getting. Tired of a person you've been seeing? STOP GHOSTING. Be an adult about it and send them a simple text saying you're no longer interested. This is a civilized society, people! Tantric sex is strictly for rich, white people.

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Comedian, actress, and online dater Kim Stacy shares her experience with dating apps Tinder and Bumble. Her advice for successful dating: be honest about your intentions, use photos that highlight your personality, know your hell nos, never leave anything you want to see again at a guy's house, and be selective about giving out your digits. Oh, and always flirt with a Baldwin brother, even if it's the bloated one from Celebrity Intervention. We cover what makes an activity good for a first meeting (drinks/coffee) and what could be a trap (lengthy miniature golf courses). Regina can't stand the large number of men posing with fish on dating apps. Valerie will date a 55 year old if he looks like Hugh Laurie. Everyone would date Luke from Gilmore Girls.

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