how to say no


Are you overwhelmed because you say yes to everything? Are you more disappointed when friends don't cancel plans? Do you feel busy constantly because you overcommit to plans? Do you tell white lies because saying "no" to a commitment is too scary? We talk about this and more in this episode of Help Wanted. Valerie hates The Hobbit but likes the many meals a hobbit eats. Are dens still a thing? Does any living happen in a living room? Regina shares tips to stop feeling overwhelmed from Katie Den Oudin, and halfway reveals the identity of her imaginary tv boyfriend, a guy named Brian from Staten Island who sometimes wears a sports coat.  Part of avoiding overcommitment is knowing what your hell yeses are and your hell nos. Valerie's number one hell no: book clubs. Valerie shares tips on how to say "NO" gracefully. (Shout "Nein!" and then curtsy) followed by a discussion on hug rape, and is hiring a French maid helpful? Or another point of stress? 

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