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Emotional labor is the avocado toast of women's topics these days. Valerie and Regina discuss the recent viral Harper's Bazaar piece written by Gemma Hartley and other articles on this topic and try to figure out what emotional labor actually and how it shows up in our relationships and workplaces. Is everything that you have a feeling around emotional labor? Or is it emotional labor the the work that work that comes with making decisions that keep our jobs and households moving, work that goes unspoken and that society takes for granted simply because women are usually the ones doing it? We get real in-depth. We also chat about harassment and assault and the groundswell of women and the media openly talking about it. This shit isn't going away. Help Wanted is sponsored the women who have to deal with their own harassment and assault experiences, while comforting their male friends who feel pretty bad up on learning their hero got naked in front of women and masturbated in front of them. 

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Okay what the fuck. What the fuck happened? What the fuck do we do now? Why the fuck do we have a stress rash? The five stages of fucking grief: denial (no fucking way), anger (this is a fucking joke and I will never fucking accept it), bargaining (bring back fucking Bush/Cheney; I will take 3 fucking terms of Mitt Romney), depression (fucking pizza, fucking starvation, fucking sex, fucking drugs, fucking booze), and fucking acceptance? (not fucking yet, but why the fuck is the media acting like this is normal? This isn't fucking normal? Why are we not taking to the streets?????).

We also share what has helped us not fucking slit our wrists thus far. 


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