Turns out Valerie's hubcap bandit from last week wasn't actually a thing. Reggie can't figure out her world since rearranging her bedroom and she may or may not have had an attempted break-in. We turn to bad habits often to help us deal with stress. Overeating, overcouching, overworking, over everything. BBQ potato chops and tears are Regina's way of coping. But we can have more fulfilling lives if we build good habits and change the bad ones. We have tips for how to make good habits stick (don't focus on changing everything in one fell swoop-you'll fail at all of them). Plus, many interruptions from Valerie's new kitten who has many names, and you can still buy Tang! Who knew? Sponsored by Lash Catastrophe, the lash lengthening serum sold on Facebook by women you went to high school with.

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Reggie's relaxing these days contemplating men's messy sheets and painting perfect fingernails. Valerie adopted a kitten that might be named Vincent and received a shoulder tap from a stranger on the street who wanted to inform her about her height. Shame is a normal, but icky feeling. Regina has tips for getting over shame. One way to get rid of it is to talk that shit out. Share your feelings. Give it attention. Tell someone you trust. More than likely that person has experienced that same feeling and it will disappear. Brene Brown says that secrecy, silence, and judgement are what shame needs to exist. Valerie talks about EMDR therapy as a technique to get to the root of our shame and change negative beliefs locked in our nervous systems. Plus Wheatsville Co-op is our safe place during the Trump administration. This is Us is apparently a good show. This episode sponsored by Skype Cave, the best way for baby boomers to Facetime their loved ones.

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Reggie and Valerie deconstruct the the doomy, gray, rainy, and white inauguration. And the jazzy, colorful, and diverse women's marches in Austin and around the world! Valerie marched beside a sweet 76 year old woman named Val who offered her Skittles and Werther's. Because that's what women do in the Trump Era. Regina doesn't believe in phone cases. Who has 4 thumbs and overthinks? Both of your Help Wanted hosts! We talk about the reasons we overthink: we've been conditioned to, we're fearful of being "wrong," and we often have too many choices. Regina talks about not worrying about "wrong" decisions but trusting that we have the ability to maneuver and course correct. Plus the story of St. Thekla, who ditched her fiance to take a vow a chastity, a pretty feminist thing to do way back when, wherever saints lived. This episode sponsored by Kittens! Grab a pussy while you try to protect your own. 

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